Enjoying Biryani at Paradise Biryani Pointe

Enjoying Biryani at Paradise Biryani Pointe

If you are looking for the best biryani in Utah, Paradise Biryani Pointe is the place to be. Located in Draper, this Indian restaurant offers a variety of biryanis that will delight your taste buds. From vegetarian to non-vegetarian options, the menu has something for everyone.

A Rich Biryani Menu

At Paradise Biryani Pointe, the biryani menu is extensive. Each dish is prepared with the finest ingredients and authentic Indian spices. Here is a look at some of the delicious biryanis you can enjoy:

Vegetarian Biryani Choices

  • Veg Biryani: A delightful mix of vegetables cooked with basmati rice and spices.
  • Paneer Biryani: Soft paneer cubes cooked with rice and aromatic spices.
  • Veg Vijayawada Dum Biryani: A spicy and flavorful biryani from the Vijayawada region.
  • Paneer Vijayawada Dum Biryani: Paneer cooked with special Vijayawada spices and rice.
  • Ulavacharu Veg Dum Biryani: A special biryani made with ulavacharu, a traditional Andhra Pradesh soup.
  • Gobi 65 Biryani: Crispy cauliflower 65 mixed with fragrant biryani rice.

Non-Vegetarian Biryani Choices

  • Ghee Roast Chicken Biryani: Chicken roasted in ghee and mixed with biryani rice.
  • Vijayawada Boneless Chicken Biryani: Spicy boneless chicken cooked with Vijayawada spices.
  • Ulavacharu Chicken Biryani (Bone): Chicken cooked with ulavacharu and rice, available with bones.
  • Ulavacharu Chicken Biryani (Boneless): Boneless chicken cooked with ulavacharu and rice.
  • Gongura Chicken Biryani (Bone): Chicken cooked with gongura leaves and rice, available with bones.
  • Gongura Chicken Biryani (Boneless): Boneless chicken cooked with gongura leaves and rice.
  • Boneless Chicken Biryani: Classic chicken biryani with boneless chicken pieces.
  • Chicken 65 Biryani: Chicken 65 pieces mixed with flavorful biryani rice.
  • Tandoori Chicken Biryani: Tandoori chicken cooked with biryani rice.
  • Goat Keema Biryani: Minced goat meat cooked with spices and rice.
  • Gongura Goat Biryani: Goat meat cooked with gongura leaves and rice.
  • Ghee Roast Goat Biryani: Goat meat roasted in ghee and mixed with biryani rice.
  • Goat Dum Biryani: Traditional goat biryani cooked with dum method.
  • Fish Biryani: Fresh fish cooked with biryani spices and rice.
  • Chicken Dum Biryani: Classic chicken biryani cooked with the dum method.
  • Fried Egg Biryani: Biryani with a unique twist, featuring fried eggs.

A Taste of India in Draper

Paradise Biryani Pointe brings the authentic taste of Indian food to Draper. The restaurant’s commitment to quality and flavour makes it one of the best Indian food spots in Utah. Whether you are craving a spicy biryani or a mild one, you will find it here. The chefs use traditional cooking methods and spices to ensure each dish is as authentic as possible.

Perfect for Every Occasion

Paradise Biryani Pointe is not just a place to eat; it is a place to celebrate. The warm and inviting atmosphere makes it perfect for family dinners, parties, and special occasions. The staff is friendly and always ready to make your dining experience enjoyable.

Easy to Reach

Located in Draper, Paradise Biryani Pointe is easily accessible for those in Salt Lake City and surrounding areas. If you are searching for an Indian restaurant in Salt Lake City, this is the place to visit. The central location makes it convenient for everyone in Utah to enjoy delicious Indian food.

Why Choose Paradise Biryani Pointe?

  1. Authentic Flavours: The restaurant uses traditional recipes and spices to bring you the true taste of Indian biryani.
  2. Variety: With a wide range of biryanis, there is something for everyone, whether you prefer vegetarian or non-vegetarian options.
  3. Quality Ingredients: Only the finest ingredients are used to prepare each dish, ensuring the best taste and quality.
  4. Friendly Service: The staff at Paradise Biryani Pointe are always ready to assist and make your dining experience memorable.
  5. Convenient Location: Located in Draper, it is easy to reach from Salt Lake City and other parts of Utah.

Enjoying Biryani at Its Best

Paradise Biryani Pointe is known for its flavourful and aromatic biryanis. Each dish is a blend of spices, herbs, and fresh ingredients that create a unique taste experience. Whether you are a fan of chicken, goat, fish, or vegetarian biryanis, you will find something to love here.

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If you have not yet visited Paradise Biryani Pointe, now is the time. Come and enjoy the best Indian food in Utah. The restaurant is located at: Paradise Biryani Pointe Utah


Paradise Biryani Pointe in Draper, Utah, is the go-to place for anyone looking to enjoy authentic Indian biryani. With a wide variety of options and a commitment to quality, it stands out as one of the best Indian restaurants in Utah. Whether dining in or ordering online, you are sure to have a memorable meal. Visit Paradise Biryani Pointe and indulge in the delicious biryanis that have made it a favourite among locals and visitors alike.

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